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The look of "Kim Possible Anime" is bright and peppy with the animation comparable with that of other made-for-TV series. She frets about her popularity and dithers over asking her crush to a dance, too, when not battling warped scientists and megalomaniacs with super-weapons and gravity-defying martial arts moves. We do embody some of the same characteristics. Kim Possible is going to also be aired on the ABC cartoon line-up as well. I like the audio clips in the unlockable movies, but they tend to cut off at wierd parts. Whether you like Kim Possible Nude, Ron Stopable, Rufus, Dr.Drakken,Shego or even Bonnie this is the group for you.. Nelly Bly, the reporter who would do anything to get her story. A typical high school teenager just happens to save the world from evil villains in her spare time in Disney's Kim Possible. She can go to Tokyo and save the world, even though it's a school night. Despite his ingenuity for thinking up bad deeds, Drakken's just no good at carrying them out. But the look of the show, the speed with which stories unfold and especially the dialogue makes "Kim Possible Naked" an early summer TV treat. Disney's Kim Possible was the most-watched original series premiere ever on the Disney Channel when the program launched in the U.S. last month.

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